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Scientific Seminar Presentations "Aliens in Modern Europe: Integration and Diversity ". Madrid, 16 and 17 May 2013

Eduardo Javier Alonso Rome (University of Salamanca): Between history and fantasy: Domingo Lopez chronicled on the Trinitarians in the British Isles (1714).


Arnaud Bartolomei (University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis): The integration of foreign traders in Marseilles and Cadiz in the eighteenth century. A comparative analysis.


Philipp Batelka (Giessen University): Raids and Extortion, Destruction and Carnage – Pandurs and Croatian Mercenaries as ›Guerrilleros‹ in the Cabinet Wars of the 18th century.


Harald Braun (University of Liverpool): Soft Power and Higher Education in Early Modern Salamanca. Girolamo Da Sommania´s experience and perception of Spain.


Cristina Bravo Lozano (Autonomous University of Madrid): The missionary character of Spanish confessional politics in the British Isles. Interpretive perspectives for new research.

The missionary character of religious policy of Charles II

Emma Cahill (University of Cantabria): Databases as a methodological tool for the study of art patronage. The case of Catherine of Aragon.


José Cutillas (University of Alicante): Persians and the Spanish Monarchy. Adaptation, conversion and otherness in sixteenth- and seventeenth-century Spain.


Beatrice Heuser (University of Reading): Just War and the right to insurgency. Anglo-Spanish Dialogue in tempore beautiful.


Steve Huhta Man (University of Helsinki): Philip II and Johan III (Juan III) of Sweden and the idea of naval co-operation – some ideas for further research.


David Maffi (University of Pavia): The army as a means of integration in Bourbon Spain. The Italians and its projection in the Hispanic World. Archives and research possibilities.


Claudius Marsilius (Technical Universitate Lisbon): New lines of research on the Spanish silver in the seventeenth century. Genoese, Portuguese and English in the heart of Spanish money market.


Óscar Recio Morales (Complutense University of Madrid): Foreigners in eighteenth-century Spain. Current research and the research group's proposal MINECO HAR2012-36884-C02-02.


Oscar Ruiz Fernandez (University of Bucharest): Spain and England through the Spanish embassy under Phillip III and James I Stuart (1603-1625).

Ruiz Fernández_abstract

Hugo Vázquez (Universidad de Oviedo): The 16th Century Spanish Army in Italy. “El Gran Capitán” and the foreign soldiers. Reserch perspectives in progress.