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Presentation “La batalla de Kinsale” and “The Irish presence in the Cortes of Cadiz in Spain and Latin, 1812: policy, religion and war”.

The last day 25 October, at the residence of the Ambassador of Ireland in Spain, presented the books "The Battle of Kinsale", study and collecting documentary directed by Enrique García Hernán and "The Irish presence in the Cortes of Cadiz in Spain and Latin, 1812: policy, religion and war ", edited by the same author with Maria Carmen Lario Oñate.

The presentation, organized by Justin Harman, Irish Ambassador to Spain, was attended by Minister of Education in Ireland, Ruairí Quinn; the academic of the Royal Academy of History and Vice President of the Spanish Commission of Military History, Hugo O'Donnell and Duque de Estrada; the deputy director general of publications and cultural heritage of the Ministry of Defense, Margarita Garcia Moreno; Secretary General of the Foundation Dos de Mayo, Xavier Reyes Matheus; director of the Institute of History of the National Research Council (CSIC), Consuelo Naranjo Orovio; Editorial director of the Albatros, Vicente Soler; and the editors of both works, Enrique García Hernán and Maria Carmen Lario Oñate.

"The Battle of Kinsale" addresses the crucial Hispanic military intervention that took place in southern Ireland between 1601 and 1602 through more than 600 unpublished documents and an analytical study for situating the shock in the politics and culture of Europe in the early seventeenth century. "The Irish presence in the Cortes of Cadiz in Spain and Latin, 1812"Analyzes the performance of the Irish in the birth of the first Spanish liberalism, the Napoleonic War and the origin of the American republics. In the reverse, also discusses the support provided from the Spanish monarchy to the development of Catholic missionary activity in Ireland.

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“From Naples to Madrid. The Italian Court of Charles III”. Lecture given by Professor Oscar Recio Morales.



The next 5 November 2013, Italian Cultural Institute in Madrid presents an activity included in the Science Week XIII of the Community of Madrid. The conference, under the title "From Naples to Madrid: Italian Court Carlos III ", will be given by Oscar Recio Morales, professor at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM).

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