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Celebrado Workshop 6th of March 2014: “The religious and cultural contribution of the Ibero- American Jesuits in Northern and Central Europe”

Last 6 March was held at the Center for Humanities and Social Sciences-Institute of History (CSIC), el workshop The religious and cultural contribution of the Ibero-American Jesuits in Northern and Central Europe within the project Groups of Power. The Presence of Communities and Individuals from Northern Europe in the Spanish Monarchy in the Early Modern Period: Integration and Diversity. Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness. HAR2012-36884-C02-01, collaboration with the Polish Cultural Institute, Universidad Pontificia Comillas and Ignatian Krakow Academy.
Coordinated by Enrique García Hernán and Eduardo Javier Alonso Romo.

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From Ireland to Poland: Northern Europe, Spain and the Early Modern World


GDANSK, POLAND, October 8-9, 2014

Organized by: Institute of History, Madrid (CSIC), University of Silesia (Poland) and University of Gdańsk (Poland)


  • Enrique García Hernán, Institute of History (CSIC).
  • Richard Skowron, University of Silesia.
  • Arkadiusz Janicki, University of Gdańsk.