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Corporations Nation in the Spanish Monarchy (1580-1750)

Identity, patronage and networks of sociability
Edited by Bernard J. García García and Oscar Recio Morales
Foundation Carlos Antwerp
ISBN: 978-84-87369-77-3


Corporations Nation (hospitals, chapels, churches, brotherhoods, schools and other foundations) played various forms of sociability and charity, devotional practices, and public rituals among the members of a
Natural particular community, strengthening ties with their places peasantry and traditions of origin and projecting the representation of their own national identity. This is seen especially in areas of power as the court of the Hispanic monarchy, settled definitively in Madrid under Philip III, who supported under her patronage to many of these corporations wanted to show the cosmopolitan and multinational nature of their domains.

This volume is devoted to the study of these dynamic processes and their identity foundations in the field of the Spanish monarchy between 1580 (after the incorporation of the Portuguese Crown) and 1750, taking into account the evolution of these institutions with the dynastic change. About the Madrid court, provides an overview of its evolution and for some churches and hospitals covered under the royal patronage that were created on the initiative of the Councils and members of the communities of nation is analyzed (Portuguese, Flemish, French, Navarre and Basque…). Then, the presence of nations linked to the monarchy in an exceptional confessional representation space and is addressed as was Rome, the impact of Irish and English schools, or the presence of natural Indians at the University of Alcalá. The book is completed with a section devoted to national corporations in large commercial cities like Seville, Cádiz, Lisbon Naples.

As with the Foundation Carlos Antwerp (from 1594), there are institutions that still survive in many cities and retain an interesting historical and artistic heritage. The papers collected here are proof of the interest and the possibilities study.

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Review Seminar “The religious and cultural contribution of Ibero-American Jesuits in North and Central Europe”

Reviewed by Eduardo Javier Alonso Romo in Modern Times

Day 6 March 2014, Thursday, was held at the Institute of History, integrated into the Center for Humanities and Social Sciences (CSIC) located on the Calle de Albasanz, scientific seminar on religious and cultural contribution of Ibero-American Jesuits in North and Central Europe. The organization and coordination of the event were given by Enrique García Hernán and Eduardo Javier Alonso Romo.

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