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Scientific Meeting: The other Europe

Individuals and groups from Eastern Europe and the Safavid Empire in Spain

Madrid, 30 of November of 2015
Center CC. Human and Social (CSIC), Ramon Sala Carande (2F)
C / Albasanz, 26-28 MADRID
Metro Suanzes

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The presence in Spain and the New World of the ‘Other Europe’ – that is, the Eastern Europeans and other communities under the aegis of the safaví-Persian dynasty, is virtually unknown. On the one hand, from the Sixteenth to the Eighteenth Century, Spanish Monarchy did not conceive political links with Eastern Europe as a priority due to geographical distance; secondly, the relationship of the Spanish Monarchy with the Islamic world has been dominated by the Morisco issue and the Magreb regencies. Consequently, much of the territories of Eastern Europe (including the Polish Monarchy and the Russian Empire), the Balkan Europe, Anatolia and the Middle East, have traditionally been regarded as remote areas of Spanish influence.

The purpose of this preliminary workshop is to discuss how to place the individuals and networks of the ‘Other Europe’ in the framework of the new studies on foreign communities in Early Modern Spain and Spanish America.

Óscar Recio Morales (UCM, Madrid)
Cutillas Jose Ferrer (University of Alicante)
Enrique García Hernán (CSIC, Madrid)
Proyecto de Investigación Plan Nacional I D i MINECO “Los extranjeros y las reformas en la España borbónica: actitudes y respuestas de las naciones a las reformas carolinas desde una perspectiva comparada (1759‐1793)”, HAR2012‐36884‐C02‐02.
Coordinado con:
MINECO “Grupos de poder, comunidades e individuos del Norte de Europa en la Monarquía hispánica durante la Edad Moderna: integración y diversidad”, HAR2012‐36884‐C02‐01.
Instituto Polaco de Cultura, Madrid.

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Chronicle of the International Congress "From Ireland to Poland: Northern Europe, Spain and the Early Modern World”, Poland 2014

Day 8 and 9 de octubre de 2014 the historic port city of Gdansk (Poland) She hosted at the headquarters of the Old Town Hall an International Conference organized by the Institute of History of CSIC (Madrid), University of Silesia (Poland) and the entire University of Gdańsk. The meeting was also the initiative of the Polish Institute of Culture (Madrid), I arranged so connected and simultaneously during that week an exchange visit in Warsaw between the Spanish historians responsible for two research projects MINECO (HAR2012-36884-C02-01 and 02), Polish Academy of Sciences and other Polish specialists interested in the Iberian world. The meeting's objective was to connect Gdańsk historiography and spaces with reference to three geographically outlying areas of Europe (Ireland, Spain and Poland), While both the origin of the specialists as far exceeded the territories covered three countries. Leer más

Presentation of two books at the Gregorian University in Rome

Presentation of the following books:


  • Enrique García Hernán, Ignatius of Loyola, Juan March Foundation,Editorial Taurus, Madrid 2013.
  • Paul Oberholzer SJ (and.), Diego Laínez and his Generalate. Jesuit with Jewish Roots, Close Confidant of Ignatius of Loyola, Preeminent Theologian of the Council of Trent, BIHSI, Rome 2015.

2 December 2015, to 17.30h, en el Aula C012, Pontifical Gregorian University, Piazza della Pilotta, 4, Rome

Nuno da Silva Gonçalves SJ, Pontifical Gregorian University
Alberto Melloni, Foundation for Religious Studies John XXIII (Bologna)
Enrique García Hernán, Research Council
Scientific (Madrid)
Paul Oberholzer SJ, Pontifical Gregorian University
Camilla Russell, Direttrice delle pubblicazioni dell’IHSI

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