Irish presence in the Spanish militia

The Irish nation is one of the most linked to our armed forces. In this work the presence of groups of migrants that become Irish units fitted in the Spanish army analyzes, from the mid-sixteenth century to the early twentieth century, and some of their personalities.

Presencia irlandesa en la milicia española

The study begins with the first-refugee units mid-sixteenth century, who served in the armies of the Spanish monarchy, forming an independent community for a common ethnicity mythologized in Spanish. This integration was effective in the Army of Flanders and the Navy of the Ocean Sea, and starred in many of the brightest pages of the Military History of Spain in the seventeenth century.

In more recent history, the work analyzes the involvement of volunteers who join in each of the contending sides in the Civil War, and diplomatic aspects during World War II and the present time.

The authors of this paper are Spanish and Irish researchers prestigious and important scientific publications, mostly framed in the project of Hispanic Council Irish Historical Studies, sponsored by the Embassy of Ireland, the Real Academia de la Historia, the Royal Irish Academy and the CSIC.

With the publication of this work Notebooks collection of Military History opens, promoted by the Spanish Commission of Military History.

Speakers: D. Hugo O'Donnell and Duque de Estrada (coord.), D. Enrique García Hernán (CSIC - CEHISMI), Ms. Beatriz Alonso Acero (CEHISMI), D. Declan M. Downey (University College Dublin), D. Mervyn O’Driscoll (University College Cork), D. Dermot Keogh (University College Cork)

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