Enrique García Hernán

Category: Research Scientist
Phone: (+34) 91-602-2466
Fax: (+34) 91-304-5710
E-mail: enrique.ghernancchs.csic.es
Address: Institute of HistoryNational Research Council
Albasanz, 26-28. E-28037 Madrid (Spain)
Views: Center for Humanities and Social Sciences
Research Group: International Relations (Middle Ages, Modern and Contemporary)

Professor in the CSIC, the elite-level research institution based in Madrid, the largest public organization dedicated to research in Spain and the third largest in Europe.

My research has pioneered a form of cultural history which has sought to contextualise the relationship between religious, political thought, military, diplomatic, and cultural developments. 24 chapters in specialist academic studies (peer-reviewed) and collections of conference papers; 20 papers published in journals (peer reviewed); 7 articles in specialist academic studies (peer-reviewed) and books; 10 papers in foreign language journals (peer-reviewed) and more than 50 book reviews, as English Historical Review, The American Historical Review, Journal of Ecclesiastical History, Sacred Spain, Hispania

Top 10 publications in leading peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings:

  • 'The "Catholic Soldier" by Jerome Gracian of the Mother of God', in Teresianum, Pontifical Institute of Spirituality of the Teresianum (Rome) 62/1 (2011) pp.181-193
  • ‘The Persian Gentlemen at the Spanish Court in the Early Seventeenth Century’, in Rudi Matthee and Jorge Flores (eds.), Portugal, the Persian Gulf and Safavid Persia, Lovanii, Peeters, 2011, pp.283-300
  • 'Francisco de Borja, diplomat and Jesuit. Consequences of its mission in 1571-1572 ', in Thomas M. McCoog (and.), Ite Inflammate Omnia. Selected Historical Papers from Conferences Held at Loyola and Rome in 2006. Bibliotheca Instituti Historici Societatis Iesu, 27, Rome, 2010, pp. 275-320
  • 'Conquest and loss of Tunisia by Don Juan of Austria (1573‐74)’, in War and Pace in modern ETA. European annals of military history, flight 2 (2010), pp.39-95
  • 'Persia in the joint action of the Papacy and the Catholic Monarchies. Approach to the action of the Society of Jesus (1549‐1649)’, in Sacred Spain, 61/125 (2010), pp.125-213
  • ‘Irish clerics in Madrid, 1598‐1665’, in Thomas O´Connor & Mary Lyons (and.), Irish Communities in Early Modern Europe, Dublin, Four Courts Press 2006, pp.267-293
  • ‘Philip II´s forgotten armada’ in Hiram Morgan (and.), The Battle of Kinsale, 2004, Dublin, Well Ltd., 2004, pp.45-58
  • 'Francisco de Borja and Portugal', in The Society of Jesus in the Iberian Peninsula in secs. XVI e XVII. Spirituality and Culture, 2 vol., Port, Portuguese Institute of Culture, University of Porto, 2004, pp.189-219
  • 'Attempted union of the Latin Church with the Orthodox Church in 1571', in Erytheia, vol.24 (2003) pp.159-178
  • ‘The price of spying at the Battle of Lepanto’, in Eurasian Studies, vol.: II/2 (2003), pp.227-250

Single-authored monographs and book-length studies since 2002

  • Ignatius of Loyola, Madrid, Taurus, 2013, pp.570, (E-Book).
  • Ireland and Spain in the reign of Philip II, Dublin, Four Courts Press, 2009, pp.392 (translation of Ireland and the wise king),
  • Director of Both Worlds. Life and work of Juan de Solorzano Pereira (1575-1655), Madrid, Mapfre Foundation, 2007, pp.421
  • Ireland and the wise king. (Volume II), Madrid, Maze, 2003, pp.278. Ireland and the wise king. (Volume I), Madrid, Maze, 2000, pp.286
  • General Militia in Modern. The Battalion Rafael de la Barreda and Figueroa, Madrid, Ministry of Defence, 2003, pp.320
  • The Irish question in international politics of Philip II, Madrid, University Computense, 2002, (Book and CD-Rom), pp.719
  • Politicians of the Spanish Monarchy, 1469-1700. Trial and Dictionary; Tavera Mapfre Foundation: Madrid 2002, pp.888

Invitations to present at conferences and international advanced schools since 2002

  • ‘Christian Soldiers and Muslims in Tunice, 1572-1574. Approach to the Problem of Coexistence’, in the Congress Life-world, Economy of Violence, Instrument of Governance, Potsdam University, organized by Prof.. Dr. Ralf Pröve, Potsdam, 13-15 March 2013.
  • ‘The Civil War in Spain’, a conference organised by Dr.Maria del Pilar Ryan at the United States Military Academy, West Point, October 2011
  • ‘The expedition against Tunis by don John of Austria 1573’, in Military Naval Activities and Geostrategy: a conference organized by the National Commission of Military History (Tunis), Ministry of National Defence, The Mouradian, Tunis, 2 to 5 of December 2009
  • 'Il "Soldier catholico" di Jeronimo Gracian of the Mother of God', in Discipline of soldiers and armies of catechesis in the modern age, a conference organized by Prof.Susanna Peyronel and Dr.Gianclaudio Civale, University of Milan, Milan, 24 April 2008
  • ‘Irish military presence in Spain’, in Sea and Sky, Bogland and Mountain: Explorations in Maritime and Environmental History, a conference organized by the Centre for Irish-Scottish Studies and Comparative Studies, Trinity College Dublin, Dublin, 16 and 17 November 2007
  • ‘The Persian Gentlemen at the Spanish Court in the Early Seventeenth Century’, a conference held at the Freer & Sackler Galleries in collaboration with the Iran Heritage Foundation and Smithsonian Institute, Washington DC, September 2007
  • 'Francisco de Borja and Sebastian of Portugal', in The Company of Jesus in the Iberian Peninsula (Spirituality and Culture) in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, a conference organized by the Inter-University Centre for the History of Spirituality, University of Oporto, Port 26 to 29 May 2004
  • ‘Philip II´s forgotten armada’, in Kinsale 16012001, a conference organized by the University of Cork, Kinsale, Ireland, 2 to 4 January 2002.
  • ‘The Holy See, the Spanish Monarchy and Persia in the Sixteenth Century. Some Aspects of the Jesuit Order’s Involvement’, in Iran and the World in the Safavid Age, a conference organized by The Iran Heritage Foundation, The Centre for Historical Research on the Middle East, The Centre for Near and Middle Eastern Studies, London, 4 to 7 September 2002

Organization of international conferences (references are to published proceedings)

  • With María del Pilar Ryan, San Francisco de Borja and his time. Policy, religion and culture in the modern age, Valencia, Albatros, 2011, pp.800 (Red. 2012)
  • With Igor Pérez Tostado, Ireland and the Atlantic World. Mobility, participation and cultural exchange, Valencia, Albatros, 2010, pp.355
  • With Óscar Recio Morales, Foreigners in the army: Military Irish in Spanish society, 1580 – 1818, Madrid, Ministry of Defence, 2007, pp.422
  • With Davide Maffi, War and Society in the Spanish Monarchy. Policy, Strategy and Culture in the Modern Age (1500-1700), 2 volumes: Madrid, Labyrinth editions, Fundación Mapfre and CSIC, 2006, Vol I pp.1054 and vol.II pp.1024
  • With José María Blanco Nunez and Pablo de Castro Martin, Power and Land Power in the era of the Naval Battle of Trafalgar, Madrid, Ministry of Defence, 2006, pp.702
  • With Miguel Ángel de Bunes, Óscar Recio Morales, Bernardo J. García García, Ireland and the Spanish Monarchy. Kinsale, 1601-2001. Policy, War, Exile and Religion); University of Alcalá Madrid-CSIC, History Library 51, 2002, pp.567

Editorship of volumes of historical documents

  • Monumental Borgia YOU (1478-1551) and Monumental Borgia VII (1551-1566). Saint Francis Borgia Gandiae fourth Duke and the General Society of the Third. Monumenta Historica Societatis Iesu, Introduced the historical value of the Society of Jesus-Generalitat, flight. 156, Valencia-Rome, 2003, pp.752; vol.157, 2009, pp.858.

International prizes / awards / academy memberships

  • Fellow of the Ambrosiana Academy of Milan, (elected 2010)
  • Corresponding Fellow of the Royal Academy of History, Spain, (elected 2007)
  • Fellow of the Valencia Academy of Ecclesiastical History, (elected November 2008)
  • Army Prize for Best Study in the Humanities, Ministry of Defence, Spain, 2002
  • Roberto Bellarmino Prize for the Best International Doctorate, Gregorian University of Rome, 1998
  • Our Lady of the Sea Prize for the Best Study in Maritime History, Ministry of Defence, Spain, 1994
  • Army Prize for the Best Study in the Humanities, Ministry of Defence, Spain, 2002