Declan M. Downey

Declan Downey
Dirección: University College Dublin


  • Downey, D.; (2008) Whether Habsburgs or Bourbons: Irish alignmentsin the War of the Spanish Succession, 1713-1723¿. [Keynote Address], Ireland and the Iberian Atlantic World, mobility, participation and intercultural exchange (1580-1823), Ibero-Americanos and Universidad Pablo de Olavide Escuela de Estudios, Seville , 30-OCT-08 – 01-NOV-08.
  • Co-Organiser & Co-Director with Dr. Enrique García Hernán (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas, Madrid), and Dr. Igor Pérez Tostado Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Seville, ; (2008) The Second International Conference on Spanish-Irish relations Through The Ages and The Second Meeting of the Spanish Ministry of Science & Innovation¿s Project on the Social Identity and Integration of the Irish in Spain, 16-18 centuries, This major international collaboration was held as a joint-conference. [Conference Organising Committee Chairperson], Ireland and the Iberian Atlantic World, mobility, participation and intercultural exchange (1580-1823),0, Seville, Escuela de Estudios Ibero-Americanos and Universidad Pablo de Olavide, , 30-OCT-08 – 01-NOV-08.
  • Special Guest Speaker; (2008) Commanders and Courtiers. The Kerry Presence at the Viennese Court, 1700-1800, chaired by Dr. Kathleen Browne, President of the Society,. [Invited Lecture], Kerry Archaeological and Historical Society Nóirín Uí Shúilleabháin Memorial Lecture, National Library of Ireland, Kildare Street, Dublin , 07-APR-08 – 07-APR-08.
  • Invited Speaker; (2007) Irish statesmen and diplomats the service of Spanish Flanders: two case studies, Florence Conry and Patrick McNenny, chaired by Dr. Pádraig Conway, UCD Vice President for University Relations,. [Invited Lecture], First Mícheál Ó Cléirigh Summer School,, Irish College of St. Anthony, Leuven , 04-MAY-07 – 05-MAY-07.
  • Invited Keynote Speaker; (2007) ¿El Dinguel de Santiago¿: Kerry¿s Spanish Enclave, c.1200-1600,. [Keynote Address],Symposium on the eve of the revival of the medieval sea-route pilgrimage in the Jeanie Johnson0 from Dingle to Santiago de Compostella,, An Díseart , Daingean Uí Chúis-Dingle, , 28-APR-07 – 29-APR-07.
  • Keynote Speaker; (2007) The role of Lisbon in the Nine Years War and the Flight of the Earls. [Keynote Address],Symposium on the Flight of the Earls, chaired by H.E. the Irish Ambassador to Portugal, Mr. James Brennan,, Teatro Saõ Luis, Lisbon , 21-OCT-07 – 21-OCT-07.



  • Declan Downey; (1996) The Crisis in Christianity, 1450-1600. Dublin: National Distance Education Council.

Book Chapters

  • Declan M. Downey; (2009) ‘Between Scylla and Charybdis:The Knights of Glin and their Habsburg and Stuart Associations, 1600-1700′ In: Tom Donovan (eds). The Knights of Glin. Seven Centuries of Change. Glin, County Limerick: Glin Historical Association.
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  • Declan M. Downey (2012) ‘Seigneurialism and Strategy. The political gravitation of the earls of Desmond and Irish nobles towards the early Habsburg monarchy, 1528-1604′ In: O. Recio Morales & E García Hernán (eds). Redes de nación y espacios de poder: la comunidad irlandesa en España y la América española, 1600-1825. Valencia: Albatros Ediciones.
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  • Declan M. Downey; (2007) ‘‘Catholicism, Milesianism and Monarchism: The facilitators of Irish Identification with Habsburg Spain’’ In: Extranjeros en el Ejército. Militares irlandeses en la sociedad Española, 1580-1818, (Eds.), E García Hernán & Ó. Recio Morales. Madrid: Ministerio de Defensa.

Edited Books

  • D.M. Downey & J.Crespo MacLennan (Ed.). (2008) Spanish-Irish Relations Through the Ages. Dublin: Four Courts Press.

Conference Publications

  • Declan M. Downey (2011) Accommodations with the Protestant State & Church: A comparative study of respective Dutch & Irish Catholic Experiences¿ . In: J. Bergin, E. Magennis, L. Ní Mhunghaile & P. A. Walsh eds. Eighteenth Century Ireland Special Edition on The Penal Laws.

Guest Lectures

  • Declan Downey; (1998) ‘Una Perspectiva irlandesa sobre la Paz de Westfalia. Guest Lectures
  • Declan Downey; (1999) ‘Der irischen Adel im habsburgischen Dienst’. Guest Lectures
  • Declan Downey; (2000) Chinoiserie and the Western Fascination with China. Guest Lectures
  • Declan Downey; (2001) Assimilation and Advancement of Irish émigrés in Spanish Society since 1602. Guest Lectures
  • Declan Downey; (2001) The Irish in the Habsburg Monarquía : Spain and The Netherlands. Guest Lectures
  • Declan Downey; (2001) An overview of Irish émigrés on the Continent since 1590. Guest Lectures

Electronic Publication

  • Downey, D.; (2012) Website Database for Research on Irish Émigrés in Europe c. 1600-1900. Electronic Publication


  • Declan Downey; (1998) The first Reich as a precursor to the European Union. Seminar
  • Declan Downey; (1998) Felipe II y el ofrecimiento de soberanía irlandesa. Seminar
  • Declan Downey; (1998) Purity of Blood and Purity of Faith. A Continental Catholic Mentality among the Early Modern Irish’. Seminar


  • Downey, D.; (2002) La Batalla de Kinsale. Madrid: CD-ROM
  • (Eds.) Ciaran Brady, David Dickson, Declan M. Downey, Enrique García Hernán & Oscar Recio Morales,; (2007) \i La Presencia irlandesa en los ejércitos de la Monarquía hispánica, 1580-1818,0. Madrid: CD-ROM


  • Declan M. Downey (2009) Foreward to E García Hernán, Ireland and Spain in the Reign of Philip II, (Four Courts Press, Dublin, 2009).

Invited review articles

  • Declan M. Downey (1999) Review of Alison Forrestal, Catholic Synods in Ireland, 1600-1690, (Four Courts Press, Dublin, Pp.224), in Irish Historical Studies, Vol. XXXI, No.124, (November, 1999), pp. 566-568. Invited Review Articles.
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