Beatrice Heuser

Beatrice G. Heuser
Category: B.A., M.A.(London), D.Phil.(Oxon), Habilitation (Marburg)
Chair of International Relations, University of Reading, UK, since 2007
Address: : Department of Politics & International Relations
University of Reading
Whiteknights, PO Box 218
Reading, RG6 6AA


  • 2011/2012 – visiting professor, University of Paris 8; University of Paris IV (Sorbonne).
  • Director of Research, MGFA (Military History Research Office of the Bundeswehr). Potsdam -2003-2007.
  • Professor of International and Strategic Studies at the Department of War Studies, King’s College London. (1991-2003. initially Lecturer, then Professor since 2000).
  • Consultancy work:
    • Consultant/Intern in the International Staff at NATO Headquarters, Brussels (Oct. 1997-July 1998; areas of work: Strategic Concept; Kosovo, Bosnia-Hercegovina)
    • for the UK Ministry of Defence (1995-1997)
    • for the European Commission (DG1A), (1995-1996)
  • Lecturer at the University of Reims (January-June 1991)


  • (1996) Habilitation (= higher doctorate), Philipps-University Marburg/Lahn: “Nuclear Strategies and Belief Systems”.
  • (1983-1985) University of Oxford: St. Antony’s College, and (1985-1988) St. John’s College. D.Phil.:“The Western Powers and Yugoslavia, 1948-54”.
  • (1978-1982) University of London: Bedford College and London School of Economics and Political Science, B.A.Hons. (History) and M.A. (International History).
  • (1975-1978) Istanbul Lisesi German.


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    {Rebels, Partisans, Guerrillas: Asymmetric wars from ancient times to today (Paderborn: Schoningh, forthcoming early 2013)}


  • editor with Dale Walton: Atrocities in Insurgencies and Counterinsurgencies, special issue of peer-reviewed journal Civil Wars Flight. 14 Not. 1 (March 2012), with my ‘Introduction: Atrocities in Insurgencies and Counterinsurgencies’, pp. 2-28
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