• Óscar Recio Morales. Project Coordinator. –

    Óscar Recio Morales (Madrid, 1972) obtained his Ph.D from the University of Alcalá in 2001. He has been an Erasmus student at NUI Maynooth and a post-doctoral fellow researcher in the Centre for Irish-Scottish and Comparative Studies, and in the Department of History (both at Trinity College Dublin). He is at the moment ‘Ramón y Cajal’ researcher at the University Complutense, Madrid. Author of many articles on Irish-Spanish relationships, his last book, Ireland and the Spanish Empire 1600–1825 (Dublin, Four Courts Press, 2010) covers the complexity of Irish migration to the Spanish Empire, from seventeenth-century Habsburg Spain to eighteenth-century Bourbon Spain, and from Europe to the New World. He is examining now the role of other foreign communities in the Spanish Empire and beyond from a comparative perspective, and he is also working on a biography of the Irish-born eighteenth-century reformer, Alexander O'Reilly.

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