The project builds on the extraordinary results achieved internationally for the two previous National Plan projects led by principal investigator: “The Irish community in the Hispanic Monarchy (XVI-XVIII centuries): identity and social integration "and" social and political projection of the Irish community in the Spanish monarchy and colonial America in the Modern Age (XVI-XVIII centuries)”. The new project aims to extend the analysis to other communities and geographic areas that have been addressed only marginally by the historiography of our country, such as individuals and communities in Northern Europe (Scandinavia, Germany, Poland and the Baltic countries). Its chronological scope (sixteenth and seventeenth) extends to the eighteenth century through coordination with the subproject "Foreigners and reforms in Bourbon Spain: Comparative Perspective ", under the direction of Oscar Recio Morales (Project coordinated onwards both CSIC-UCM).

The new project CSIC-North Communities will be three main lines of research and transverse:

Frontline: Religious Implications: North Mission. This line includes the work begun in the previous project "Projection and social policy of the Irish community in the Spanish monarchy and colonial America in the Modern Age (XVI-XVIII centuries)”. It builds on the more than 30.000 and documents located on this religious mission from 1670 officially embraced the British Isles, but in practice extended to other areas of Northern Europe. These data are being dumped in a Database.

Second line: Political and economic implications. Most of the studies on individuals and communities in Northern Europe in the Spanish monarchy focus on diplomatic and trade relations, highlighting the role of the Hansa cities. However, little is known about the individuals and social networks in Habsburg Spain from such spaces, especially when compared to other nations (as the Genoese) who have received extraordinary attention and have been the subject of major research projects.

Third research: Cultural Implications. This line meets the need for a multidisciplinary approach to topic, as has been done in the two previous projects. Given the relevance of literature produced, shall address the Spanish-Portuguese literature of exiles from the north of Europe and its impact on their home countries.

Project Scientific report submitted to the Ministry of EAC

Director: Enrique García Hernán, CSIC

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