Philipp Batelka

Philipp Batelka
Category: MA
Address: Justus Liebig University Giessen.


  • Croatian frontier warriors in the Cabinet Wars of the 18th Century.
  • Identity, otherness and ethnicity in the early modern Balkans.
  • Stereotypes and images of Croatian soldiers in the Spanish and Austrian military.


  • Research Group> Violence Communities < (Research Group ›Communities of Violence‹, founded by the German Research Foundation).


  • Since 10/2012: Research Associate, Research Group "Violence Communities" (»Communities of Violence«), sub-project "stranger violence - border warrior groups in the internal space of the European theater of war in 17. and 18. Century " (Foreign Violence – frontier warrior groups in the Cabinet Wars of the 17th and 18th centuries).
  • 04/2012–09/2012: Concept, design, and development of and several other websites.
  • 06/2011–04/2012: IT-Manager, Institute of Sociology, Freiburg University.
  • 04/2010–04/2011: Project coordinator of the graduate school initiative »Conflict & Contention. Cultural and Historical Perspectives on Human Interaction«, German Initiative of Excellence, Freiburg University.
  • 07/2010: Master of Arts: Thesis "Silence and laughter - this is now your whole philosophy?"Nietzsche's skepticism about language in source-critical perspective (»Are silence and laughter now your entire philosophy?« Nietzsche’s scepticism of language in a critical assessment of his sources).
  • 10/2008–10/2009: Student research assistant chair of modern history (Professor. Dr. Ronald G. Asch) Freiburg University.
  • 10/2007–09/2008: Student research assistant, project funded by the German Research Foundation: »Nobility and denominational Opposition. The catholic Peerage in England and the protestant Nobility in the hereditary lands of Austria« (Director: Professor. Dr. Ronald G. Asch).
  • 03/2006–08/2006: Foreign language assistant: German Department, University of Zagreb.
  • 2005–2006: Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb, Zagreb.
  • 2004–2005: Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, Santiago de Chile.
  • 2003–2004: Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris.
  • 2001–2003 & 2006–2010: Albert-Ludwigs-University of Freiburg: Master of Arts Philosophy, Early Modern History and Englische Philology.
  • 1981: Born in Ravensburg (Germany)